Mission & Vission

Our mission is very clear from the beginning is to fulfil our Islamic Duty to care for the Ummah using what ever means we have to provide health care which is quality and at very reasonable prices making it affordable for all. Based in Karachi with a population of 21 million vast majority who are living below the poverty line a non profit hospital is the need of the time.


The hospital is run by generous donors who spend their wealth in the Path of Allah for the betterment of community - the hospital being a non profit charity institution means its expenses are met by the zakat which is donated as well as the revenue generated by the heavily subsidised medicine and heath care which the hospital provides with the careful, individual attention that is given to each client, all of us here at JNH are convinced that our programs and facilities provide the optimum healthcare for yourself, your family and your employees. This website will provide you with an introduction to our facilities, our services, our network partners and our new ventures.

JNH employs a staff of more than 300 and is supported by an advisory board. All of JNH doctors are qualified and experienced in their respective specialties, reflecting a dedication and commitment to providing the highest quality of care to patients. All the leadership groups of the hospital administration & medical staff continuously work together to identify and direct the priorities of the hospital through the development and implementation of strategic plans within the scope of our mission, to enhance patient-centered, ethical and quality healthcare and to follow continuous quality improvement principles for all external and internal customers with spirit of equality and professionalism

We welcome feedback from all representatives of our community - patients, families, physicians, volunteers, employees, and business leaders, representatives from other health-related organizations - anyone who has a concern about our hospital. We are committed to meet the healthcare needs of all and will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. I hope that the information that we have provided on our site is both useful and timely. We look forward to having you revisit these pages from time to time and establishing a regular relationship with us in the future.