JNH brings together a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of medical care.


Jamal Noor Hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services that covers a wide range of medical and surgical specialties

Jamal Noor Hospital is conducting a seminar on working together for the management of working Hypertension and its consequences, for more details please call us on 021-38798111-8.

Latest News

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    JNH Operation Theatre


    Each theatre is provided with the latest equipment required for a state-of-the-art operating room.

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    Self Service Kiosk for Follow-up (Comming soon)


    Customers with free follow-up (14 days) can directly take the token for the respective doctor in the same department and proceed directly to the clinics.

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    Call Center for Appointment (Comming soon)


    We have started accepting appointments through our dedicated Call Center. Customers can reach us @ 02138798111-8 and directly dial the extension 101/102 for taking Appointments

Doctor Profile

  • Dr. Ashraf Memon

    General/Chest Specialist
    Medical Director

  • Dr. Mukhtar Singapuri

    ENT Specialist

  • Dr. Aziz Abdullah

    Urologist & Gen. Surgeon

  • Dr. Zubair

    Urologist & Gen. Surgeon

  • Dr. Shazia Jatoi


  • Dr. Huma


  • Dr. Tanveer Alam

    General Physician

Our Patients Speak
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    Mr. Aaqib Hussain


    One of the best hospital in the city. Specially for all class panels card holders. They have very good medical staff and most of the facilities are on site and also location is good. thank you so much..

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    Mrs. Aliya Habib


    Good Hospital. Many Pakistani Doctors, well educated and sensible. Affordable price and is easily accessible location..!

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    Sabir Saleem


    This hospital is mostly visited by Sindh and Punjab citizens, though other citizens are also seen here. JNH has some good doctors for paediatrics and gynaecology. I have been visiting here since last 3-4 years and found them to be satisfactory. It is observed that JNH is keen on expanding their building infrastructure. I have seen most of the staff are very supportive.

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    Haidar Hussain


    It is very good Hospital. Pakistani doctor in here, every disease can solved here. I like this Hospital.

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    Salman Khalid


    It is very good hospital for me and my family. Doctore are professional and very experienced. My panel card also acceptable here with a seperate counter.

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    Basha Kumar

    Mirpur Khaas

    One of the best hospital in Karachi. Specially for JNH Card holders. They have very good medical staff and most of the facilities are on site.and also location is good. thank you so much..

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