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Our vision and objectives for the future - Message from Dr Shahab

Jamal Noor Hospital is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organization Focused to Work as a Model Institution to Alleviate the Sufferings of Poor and Underprivileged Patients, Irrespective of the ability to pay. To Ensure Quality Health care as Fundamental Rights of every Individual, And Treat all patients with dignity and respect.

1) Expansion with increase patient input

2) Diabetic centre for the community and poor

3) We aim to expand from the current 90 beds to 150 beds hospital. There is a huge influx of patients and the hospital cannot cope with the huge demand for affordable quality health care especially from the poorer communities of Karachi. Pakistan population is growing fast and from a recent UN report set to be the 4th largest country (population wise) in the world by the mid century and the most populous Muslim country.


 For more information contact us on info@jamalnoorhospital.com



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